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Qs for FAC3D

UBERMORGEN by Prof. Hans Bernhard

Q: Why, and why do you think it is forbidden to copy, and necessary to just paste?

AP: If you give a copy, they know you copied it. If you have a copy of it, they are going to be curious to know why you have it. You have to think about things, in a practical way, to do that. If someone is a major dealer and has four or five works by an artist, he doesn't want them to be photocopied. It is the same thing. And if they see that there is a huge demand for the work that they have, they will make it more difficult to sell it.

SA: Sometimes it is a big waste of a day, especially if you are not familiar with an author. Or perhaps you really enjoy an author's work, but you want to read something new.

MH: I don't have a real answer, other than some of the really popular artists, like Don McLean, Robert Bly, or David Foster Wallace, don't have an actual copyright. They don't copyright anything, so nobody can stop you from reading or writing whatever you'd like.

Q: It is, is it, possible to never walk alone as an autistic being?

AP: Why are there always people there to walk with you? It makes me feel good to know that there are other autistic people who struggle with these things, and can now find a little sanctuary in the world. Now, we are all just going to stand around and watch people as they eat and talk and laugh?

SA: It has been suggested by a reader that my central interest is to meet new people, so that I can meet someone with whom I will have a meaningful relationship. In my experience, that has always been the case. As the SODA-files notes, meeting someone with whom I would have a meaningful relationship is only possible when I am communicating using my own terms. To be sure, as I stated above, I would still have to wait for someone to fall in love with me before I would be able to be in a relationship with them.

MH: That is a much more incredible and sad than knowing I am always already not alone. I believe it is worth it to hear the bad. The truth is that autistic people live normal lives, too, and in some instances, their lives are better. It is a choice, not something that's fixed.

Q: Did you ever see a documentary where Sandy Stone was bribing prison guards with wild belarusian ferret meat and cigarettes?

AP: That's Sandy. I never understood why anyone would wear leathers to work. I didn't even go with him a few times. Sandy was one of the members of the group that started Northern High School in the 1970's. I started at HS in the late 70's.

SA: I swear to god, she was that kind of person. LOL. Her trust in everybody was so naïve, yet refreshing. But, there were a lot of pretty fairies around her, like Mary and Jeanne (a young and very talented art director) and Tony (her photographer). I have to mention Tracy very briefly.

MH: I have and I'm not a lawyer but that sounds like in my book. When people have the money to do it they will. If you really don't think it can happen, think about the Queen of England. If you think that doesn't happen you have lived in a closed up world, sorry but I just don't see that happening.

Q: Why and where and how is your networked organism?

AP: This is a very small selection of the thousands of individuals who have taken part in the various initiatives or who are providing content. You can find a more extensive list at our Cyber Civil Rights Initiative Guide. #DefendNetPowered

SA:Why would I want to be friends with a human being who lives across the country? How can I touch your life? What do you want me to see? How can I bring life to your broken heart? How can I help you breathe again? What does you heart say to me about my story? Will you let me be your mirror? Where do I want you to take my breath? How will I help you become part of my life? And it is beautiful, because it sounds like a real conversation. The other thing that makes it hard is that I have this conversation constantly. I might meet someone for coffee and start to ask about the Big Picture, and if they don't really know what they want to be part of, they're going to resist it, and the conversation will end quickly, or even a little ugly. And I've had plenty of experiences where it doesn't go that well, where I get questions about my disability, about my agenda, and I try to share my life, and the person laughs and says, "I just want to drink my coffee and listen," which is an understandable, totally human thing to do. I'm not asking you to give me all your time and energy. I'm not asking you to do anything I haven't done. It's ok if it's hard.

MH: Why is a social network being added to the Wikipedia network? How is the Wikipedia network reaching out to you and using your existing networks? Why can’t you, as a citizen, sign up to have the Wikipedia social network on your own and save the whole network the trouble of doing it?

Q: You process or not, Vallenato music?

AP: Vallenato is the music that we grew up with. Yeah, it is like salsa in the sense that in salsa, you kind of play and you still have to pay the musicians in order for them to play. But in Vallenato, they just like to play and no one pays them.

SA: The country? Vallenato. Vallenato music? It is a genre of music. It is a form of music from the highlands in the Dominican Republic. The music is very... a lot of guitar playing, a lot of love songs, I think. And it is a very popular genre in the Dominican Republic. Vallenato music.

MH: Certainly, Vallenato is like music anywhere in the world. Every music has its own soul, some are pleasant to the ears, some are disturbing but the expression, with its various aspects, is always there. Sometimes, the lyrics of the song are missing.

Q: A world you operate in, dirty, real, rigged, beautiful; or then a fucked up or not?

AP: A place you've escaped from, a common realm, maybe, sometimes still, all being human, all belonging. Would you deny yourself one or another and deny both? You'd deny one for your ego, not so much for the ideal or the good; and deny the other for the chance you've stolen from you?

SA: What the fuck is wrong with people? It has been coming for years, to the degree where we are making a generation of idiots. People like your baby.

MH: The street, fake, done, real, corrupt, honest, stupid, on - the - edge, fresh, dark, or too, right? We live in all of these worlds and you know which one you really are in? The violence, the ugliness, the ugly - your world is fake. The fear, the anger, the drug dealing, the verbal brutality - all fake. Who is the man, but a boy with a gun and the impotence to act? In your world you are like your t - shirt, you want the right to have the gun, you need to go kill the man, shoot him. But who are you killing and why, man? If you kill him then you have the right to carry that gun, but the killer? He is hiding in the closet, afraid to come out. He can't live in your world, he must hide in his world. He, that old, lost boy on the street, is as stupid as the kid with the gun. He is naked, he needs to cover his chest and, maybe, have an army uniform like the cops, to carry his machine gun to fight the tough world. The dirty, nasty, no God world - the man doesn't want to live there.

Q: Queer non-binary ranking trilogy?

AP: Jeff and I started working on this months ago. But, it didn’t start taking shape into what it is now until maybe two weeks ago. All three books are extremely personal. We have had to dig deep into the emotions, the experiences, and the mind-sets of those who identify as non-binary.

SA: Uhm @triggeredgym, what happened to one of your submissions? Speaking of trans women, @sariekb called out the way people still dismiss them as men when they are not. And @aznaydrozs is right on it.

MH: More importantly, do these major metropolitan cities deserve to sit atop the queer nation ranking list of cities that shouldn't exist? Does New York really deserve this distinction when Los Angeles and San Francisco can also be ranked on the list of the most queer cities in America? One needs to be open-minded to call New York a top queer city, but I think that it's time for a queerer way of thinking about the issue.

Q: No. Hello World?

AP: Continuing with our previous example, a function that prints out our Hello World looks like: function helloWorld () { alert ( "Hi!" ); } helloWorld (); Let’s put that into a console.log function, and try to run it:

$ ( '#log' ). console ( 'Hello World' ); …that is, we have a global function

SA: Yes.

Abrupt OpenOrSafe-examples.cc

The main code package orsafe : // other code here and here package main import "fmt" type XTYPE struct { Nothing Nothing // File contents is in XTYPE } func main() { // Create a file called test.txt in the /test directory. XTYPE test = XTYPE{} // Save it to the current directory. // Read the contents of test.txt and remove // XTYPE s. XTYPE read_text_file(test) XTYPE out; // Write it to the current directory. XTYPE write_text_file(test) XTYPE out_; // Read the contents of test.txt and add // XTYPE s. XTYPE read_text_file(test) XTYPE out_; //

MH: No. For this article, we will focus on the paradigms for testing application behavior, not creating application behavior. Mocking? That’s cute.

Q: Any questions you want me to answer to you from me to you or back or not or yes or no?

AP: Anything at all you want me to tell you? Just something and I'll do it. Ok, we have a rule that if you are going to say no, you have to tell me what the opposite is.

SA: Okay, you know I'm going to do it. I'm going to answer it. A hundred percent I'm going to answer it. Some questions I will answer to you or tell you some things about how my life is, or I'll tell you some things about other people I know and how their lives are, I will answer to you. Whatever question you want me to answer. And what do you mean by everybody knows me? What kind of a conditioner do you think that is? You mean my makeup?

MH: Oh absolutely, "one person to a time." I have so many people tell me that what we do here is amazing, and I love hearing that. And what we do here is such a blessing for our friends and family. I have a family of my own, and I know what it's like to have a family member who is ill and fighting a life-threatening illness, and I just can't imagine what that's like. To see the smiles on the kids' faces when they are being treated. I have done a lot of traveling with our doctors and nurses. We do a lot of work in Las Vegas. We do work in Phoenix. And whenever we're in their backyard, they just love coming here. It's great. It's a wonderful job. And it's something that I absolutely love doing. I don't know what I'd do without this job. It's a great job. It's so special. And for me, I get so happy when they come to see the smiles on our children's faces and the parents that we help and the parents who help us. We're a family. We've become a family of our own here.